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Today, your long search for the most effective way to motivate those around you has brought you to this spot on this highway.

Imagine this 5,300-mile-long highway is equivalent to the course that must be taken if your company, your sales organization, your church, school, hospital or civic group is to reach its goals.

When a young man tackles this highway in The Power of Purpose, he provides an inspiring example for your audience to pursue a management objective, sales quota, community responsibility, wellness goal—or their personal objectives—with added dedication and enthusiasm.

The Power of Purpose, winner of the Award of Excellence from the international Film Advisory Board, was described as a moving and truly outstanding film by Dr. Denis Waitley, world-renowned author and lecturer.

We're confident that your reaction to The Power of Purpose will be similar to the reaction of James R. Stephens, agency manager for The Equitable, who said, "I've never been as overwhelmed as I was in viewing the film."

People need to know they are important, that their lives mean something.

How unlikely that the source of that elusive inspiration and motivation is an ordinary young man who gave all he had in his effort to run the length of that highway.

Can company manager, salesperson, production team member, educator, student, hospital administrator, church lay leader, community volunteer all receive inspiration from the same individual?

Aside from his determination to run that highway from start to finish, there's little else to suggest that Terry Fox, a young Canadian, is anybody special. A shy kid. An average student. But, in The Power of Purpose, he offers inspiration to everybody, no matter what challenges they face. As amplified in the film's Discussion Program Guide, the story deals with acceptance, goals, purpose, attitude and commitment.

Rick Beresford, Family Counselor at St. Mary's Rehabilitation Center, previewed The Power of Purpose, then observed: "Our clients drift through life with very little meaning, unable to accept their circumstances. They so desperately need hope. This film could be such a powerful tool to deliver the message of self-acceptance."

A versatile tool with exceptionally universal appeal

The Power of Purpose could be the most versatile single tool ever offered to Trainers, Human Resource Managers, Division Directors, Consultants or those in any other leadership positions in business, industry, sales, service, health care, religion, education or community.

The Power of Purpose can be an inspiring wake up call to address organizational and individual objectives such as:

Yes, this young man who is so ordinary will inspire and motivate almost everyone around you.

This young man gave it all he had. For this reason, The Power of Purpose is certain to inspire and motivate everybody who experiences his touching story. After viewing it, you'll want to give it all you've got, too!

After previewing The Power of Purpose, John Johnson, Vice President of Human Resources for Conklin, wrote: "The film speaks to the individual at a very personal level and gives him the opportunity to become intimate with his own true meaning."

Edward Bankey, Medtronic's Director of Sales Programs, added: "So many times, we have sought goals, attitude changes and commitment to corporate objectives. We have never taken the time to allow the sales representatives self-acceptance and to discover their purpose. With the incredible story on film, we will do what needs doing for our sales force."

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